Eligibility (Radial or Bias Construction)

You are eligible for the benefits of this policy if you are the owner and original consumer of new Greenball Trailer tires, bearing Department of Transportation-prescribed tire identification numbers. Tires must be a Greenball brand, with corresponding DOT #’s. If you are uncertain, our Warranty department may verify this for you.

What is Warranted and for How Long?

  • Your trailer tires are warranted against failures due to factory defective materials and workmanship for 2 years from invoice date of purchase (verified with original (or copy of) invoice. If invoice is not available your Greenball tires will be warranted for four years based on the date of manufacture. That information is found in the DOT code.
  • If the tire fails due to defective material(s) or workmanship during the first 10% of tread wear, the tire will be replaced with a new comparable tire without charge. See section titled “What is not Covered” for complete details.
  • Tread wear Prorated Replacement Tires that do not qualify for free replacement(s) will be replaced with a new, comparable tire based upon the remaining “value” of the tire (percentage of tread worn, multiplied by our “current pre-determined adjustment price”). See section titled “What is not Covered” for complete details.


Definition of a Comparable Tire

A “comparable” new Greenball Trailer tire may either be the same line of tire, or (in the event the disabled tire is out of production or is unavailable) the same basic or equal construction and quality with different sidewall or configuration. If owner of tire requests a higher-price tire instead, owner must pay price difference for product “upgrade.”

Computing Tread Wear

Tread wear is computed as a percentage of the original, usable tread. The original, usable tread does not include the last 2/32nd inch of tread depth for safety reasons.