Kanati does not pay for mounting, balancing, or labor. Kanati does not cover loss of time, inconvenience, loss of use of vehicle, costs of towing or transportation or consequential damages of any nature.

This warranty does not cover tires damaged due to misuse, abuse or accident such as:

  • Tires/wheels which have been patched, plugged or repaired or on to which liquid balancers or sealants have been applied. Patching, repairing of tires, or applying any sealants on tire will automatically VOID any warranty.
  • Failure, damage or irregular wear caused by misalignment, incorrect mounting of the tire, tire/wheel imbalance, worn shocks, or improper repair, or any other mechanical causes.
  • Failure, damage or irregular wear caused by driving in violation of SPEED, LOAD, or TEMPERATURE RATINGS.
  • Misapplication, improper maintenance, racing, underinflation, overinflation, or other abuse.
  • Failure due to fire, accident, malicious mischief, improper inflation, improper use, running flat, overloading, tire alteration, chemical corrosion, or road hazards. Examples of road hazards include nails, glass and other foreign objects and natural/manmade defects or obstacles such as excavations, construction, potholes and chuckholes. Damages caused by road hazards include cuts snags, punctures, scuffs, carcass bruises and impact breaks.
  • Flat spotting caused by improper storage or brakelock. Tire(s) presented by other than original consumer. Cosmetic weather or ozone cracking.
  • Use of Kanati tires that is inconsistent with the safety information provided in your vehicle’s manual. Use of Kanati tires that is inconsistent with the maintenance information provided in your vehicle’s manual.
  • The addition of liquid, solid, or gaseous materials other than air, nitrogen, or carbon dioxide (for example, waterbase sealers or balancing substances).
  • Any implied warranty, including merchantability or fitness, is limited to the duration of this written warranty or four (4) years from date of purchase.
  • Damage caused by improper maintenance or service.
  • Self-mounted tires – Kanati highly advises against and discourages self-mounting of tires. A professional should do any type of mounting, as it can be very dangerous if not done properly. Kanati does not condone non-professional mounting. Kanati cannot be held responsible for damaged items, accidents, and injuries due to a non-professional mounting of his/her own tires.
  • NOTE: This limited warranty is the entire warranty given by Kanati and Kanati’s complete obligation is set forth herein. No one has the authority to imply, suggest, agree, represent.