Mud Hog: Mud Tires with Street Manners

POSTED Mar 31, 2014

Back in 2012, the Kanati Mud Hog got a thorough testing courtesy of Off-Road Magazine’s Kevin Blumer. Through some of the best (and worst) conditions Southern California has to offer, the Kanati Mud Hogs delivered solid all-terrain performance with a big nod towards its clear out potential in clay and mud.

Kevin noted one of the Mud Hog’s design features with its smooth and headache-free rides on pavement; the overlapping centerline tread helps to cancel noise and provides a stable road-driving experience.

“The Kanati Mud Hog is not a street tire, but was designed to have good street manners anyway. They do! Yes, you can hear them, and they’re louder than an all-terrain. At the same time, they’re quieter than several other popular mud tires out there. They roll smoothly over the tarmac. There‚Äôs no vibration or thumping to speak of. You can feel the knobs flex in hard corners, but canyon carving still inspired confidence.”

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